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Sri Venkataramana idol Sri Venkataramana temple, Karkala
|| Sri Venkateshaya Namaha |||| Sri Srinivasaya Namaha ||
Sri Venkataramana temple, Karkala
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            Veeramaruti temple is assumed to be contemporaneous to Shree Venkataramana

temple. This temple stands face to face with Shree Venkataramana temple. Shree Veera

Maruti’s relief sculpture on a 15 feet tall stone slab resembles the sculptures of Vijayanagara era. Several relief sculptures of Maruti in this very style can be seen in Hampi. It is believed that this statue was found near Anekere. The statue is chisseled in a walking pose where right hand is lifted high and the left placed on the loin. Yajnopavita is clearly visible. The statue is awe-inspiring. People have firm conviction that Veera Maruti is the guardian of Karkala town and that he instantly fulfils the wishes of bhaktas miraculously. Every day after Shree Venkataramana is offered naivedya & pujaratis, Shree Veeramaruti is offered the same. Naivedya offered to Shree Venkataramana Deva is brought to Maruti temple and offered to him. Bhaktas offer tender coconut abhisheka regularly and pray for the fulfillment of their wishes. A prominent seva offered to Veera Maruti is application of Sindhoor over the statue. Ekahabhajana programme is ceremoniously organized here annually on Margashira Shuddha Ekadashi. Jeernoddhara (redevelopement) of the dilapidated temple was carried out by bhaktas. It commenced in 1937AD and concluded in 1970AD. Further, in 2009AD, second Jeernoddhara was undertaken and on that occasion the shikhara was covered with copper sheets. The Shikhara punarpratishta took place in the holy presence of Shree Kashi Matadheesha paramapujya Shreemat Sudheendra tirtha Shreepad on 06/05/2009. Shree Veera Maruti temple falls under the management of Shree Kodandaram Joishy’s family. Currently, Shree Ramakrishna Joishy is the chairman of the temple trust.




Shree Padmavati Temple is closely connected with Shree Venkataramana temple. This was established by Shreemad Varadendra Tirtha Shreepad of Shree Kashi Mutt in 1888AD. Shreemad Sukrateendra Tirtha Shreepad of Shree Kashi Mutt established a panchaloha (5 alloys) idol of Shree Padmavati Devi in 1936AD. This temple is situated at Anantashayana. In a year Shree Venkataramana visits Shree Padmavati temple five times. And every year, Shree Padmavati devi arrives on a gold mantapa utsava to Shree Venkataramana temple in the evening of Magha Shuddha Dashami. This utsava is organised on the advice given in devdarshana that Lakshmi Devi should enter the town in the evening once a year for ensuring abounding prosperity of the town. During navaratri, special pujas, havanas, suvasini, brahmana santarpane etc. are held in this temple. Special bhajan and pujas are held here in Kartika masa.





            On behalf of the temple, Kalabhairava’s gudi (shrine) was established in 1988AD

near Shami tree on right hand side of Sheshatirtha lake. Special pujas are held here on Kalabhairavashtami day.







Shree Vishveshwara Venugopala Temple belonging to Saraswat Samaj lies on right side of road leading to Ananthashayana. Shreemad Pandurangashrama Swamiji of Chitrapur mutt once visited Karkala. He had brought a Shivling from Kashi, which he handed over to a Karkala lawyer, Hattikudru Annappayya and instructed him to build a temple. Accordingly Annappayya got a splendid stone statue of Venugopala sculpted by the then renowned sculptor of Karkala, Lakshmana Shenoy of Gaitonde family. In 1889 (in Shalivhana shaka 1811 virodhi sam. on Jeshta bahula navami) he built a temple and established this statue of Vishveshwar Venugopala there. One Krishna Bhat from Kailaje undertook to perform puja in the temple. Even now his descendants continue to perform puja in this temple. Swamiji of Chitrapur mutt is the trustee of the temple. Management of the temple is carried on by a local person appointed by Swamiji. At present, puja and management of the temple are carried on by Raghunatha Bhat, a great grandson of Krishna Bhat. The temple underwent jeernoddhara in 1989 and again in 2009.





            Shree Devakikrishna Ravalanatha temple lies by the side of Tellaru road, about 4 Kilometers from Karkala town. Being a Kuladevata temple, Kulavis established this in 1974. Garbhagriha has a man-sized statue of Shree Ravalanatha, carved in stone.   A stone statue of Shree Devakikrishna deva, was established facing North in 1981. Shree Ganapati deva is established facing this. All these three statues were carved by Karkala’s well-known sculptor, Ranjala Gopal Shenoy, a Presidential award-winner.          Navarathrotsava, Chandika Homa and Vardhanti utsava are held in Shree Ravalanatha Temple magnificently.        






            Established in 1567, historically famous Shree Anantashayana temple is situated in a place which itself is called Ananthashayana, a suburban extension of Karkala town. This temple is a tribute from Bhairarasa. Bhairarasa Immadi Bhairavendra brought this splendid statue of Ananthashayana from nearby Nellikaru and established it in a half finished basadi (constructed in honour of Shringeri Swamiji). This majestic monolithic stone statue has in it a seven headed Adishesha coiled thrice on which reclines Mahavishnu adorned with shankha, chakra, gada and padma and Shreedevi and bhoodevi sitting at his feet, pressing his legs. Brahmadeva sits on the lotus issuing from his navel. Timely Rathothsava and Deepotsava are held here.





            It is believed that this temple of Karkala is the most ancient. Here also, timely Rathotsava and special pujas are held on Mahashivaratri. Townspeople visit Mahalingeshwara temple on Mahashivratri day for darshan.






  1. Shree Moodu Ganapati Temple, Bandimata.
  2. Shree Mahalakshmi Temple, Subba Kamat Street
  3. Shree Guru Raghavendra Swami Mutt, Tellaru Road
  4. Shre Siddhivinayaka Temple, Vinayaka Bettu, Tellaru Road
  5. Shree Suryanarayana Mutt, Tellaru Road
  6. Shree Uchangi Mahamaya Temple, Ananthashayana Road
  7. Shree Mahamaya Mukhyaprana Temple, near Bus stand
  8. Shree Dharmaraya Temple, Near Bus stand
  9. Shree Veerashaiva Veerabhadra Temple, Carstreet

10.  Shree Adishakti Veerabhadra Temple, Gandhi Maidan

11.  Shree Venugopalakrishna Tempe, Kabettu

12.  Shree Durgaparameshwari Temple, Hiriyangadi

13.  Shree Kalikamba Temple, Neklaje.

14.  Shree Durgaparameshwari Temple, Joduraste, Kukkundooru

15.  Shree Umamaheshwara Temple, Kailaje

16.  Shree Umamaheshwara Temple, Shivathi Kere, Hiriyangadi

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