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Sri Venkataramana idol Sri Venkataramana temple, Karkala
|| Sri Venkateshaya Namaha |||| Sri Srinivasaya Namaha ||
Sri Venkataramana temple, Karkala
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14 MokthesarasMoktesars of the Temple:

Till the 40’s of the 18th century AD, management of the temple rested with Sohire Prabhu’s descendants. In 1564 one Naveli Kamath came from Goa and settled in Karkala. He lent a helping hand to Prabhu in the execution of his temple duties. Everyday details of Lord’s ritual pooja, utsava etc. were carried out by the Puranik and Joishy families in turn. It was customary to collect Kanika offerings on a harivana (plate), write the accounts on a Kadatha and deposit the sum in a collection box placed inside the manda chamber of the garbhagudi (sanctorum). This was performed by pooja vaidiks. As time passed, the temple’s fame spread far and wide. Wealth also was accumulated. Temple was enriched with pots and pans, puja parapharnelia and ornaments. Mahajans of Karkala and outskirts started conducting Vasant pooja, utsava,santarpane etc., in the temple. As the temple activities increased, Prabhu increasingly felt the need for more helpers. So, one each member from the families of Naveli Kamath, Kuduva & Gaitonde were appointed as moktesars (trustee). Prabhu was named first and Executive moktesar. These four were called Chougules.

Development of the temple was swift after the Jeernoddhara of 1777. So as to carry on the responsibilities of the temple’s managementsmoothly, 10 more people were added as moktesars to assist the Chougules. One person each from the families of Kattingere Nayak, Balkunje Shenoy, Ranjala Shenoy, Cholpadi Kamath, Kukkundur Kamath, Karkala Hegde, Yarmal Shenoy, Naveli Kamath (Another branch of Naveli Kamath’s family), Nayakanakatte Pai (later for some reason it came to another Hedge family) and Karkala Pai – these comprise the 10 moktesars. These 14 people or their descendants actively serve the Lord with faith and devotion, as members of temple moktesars.

            Nityapujas, viniyogas as also special celebrations, mahotsavas etc – are all carried on by moktesars punctiliously by devoted and deft performance of their duties.They also take care of protection of movable and immovable property of the temple, time to time maintenance of temple and it’s premises, construction of new structures, cleanliness of the temple precincts etc. In their extensive duties also lie the supervision of educational institutions run by the temple and meeting their needs. By dint of piety, simplicity, righteousness and selfless service,they endear themselves to the mahajans and are held in esteem. A number of devout and illustrious persons have lived a righteous life dedicated to the Lord and by the exemplary performance of their ‘loving duty’ to the Lord as moktesars, find a lustrous niche in the hearts of mahajans. Names of some such iconic figures of noble character need mentioning. They are:


Present Trustees:


1.         Sri Karkala Jayarama Prabhu                          Managing Trustee

2.        Sri Karkala Ganesh Kamath                           Managing Trustee

3.        Sri Karkala Mohandasa Shenoy                      Managing Trustee

4.        Sri Kukkundooru Manjunatha Kamath         

5.         Sri Kattingere Raghunatha Nayak

6.         Sri Cholpadi Damodara Kamath

7.         Sri Yarmala Narasimha Shenoy

8.        Sri Balkunje Rajagopala Shenoy

9.        Sri Karkala Ganesha Kudva

10.       Sri Karkala Ramakrishna Hegde

11.       Sri Karkala Ravinatha Kamath

12.       Sri Raghuveera Hegde

13.       Sri Ranjala Ullasa Shenoy

14.       Sri Karkala Kamalaksha Pai

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