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Sri Venkataramana idol Sri Venkataramana temple, Karkala
|| Sri Venkateshaya Namaha |||| Sri Srinivasaya Namaha ||
Sri Venkataramana temple, Karkala
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For Karkala’s bhaktas Srinivasa deva’s Vardhantyutsava is as sacred as Deepotsava and Rathotsava. Shatakalashabhisheta takes place on this day. At dawn after Nirmalya Visarjane puja to God, moktesars bring phalakanika ( 5 coconuts on a harivana). Then arati is performed before

God. Puranik and Joishy offer prayers to God. The Lord emerges from garbhagudi and graces the snanapitha for abhisheka. Tirtha well is offered Gangapuja, pradhana kalasha and 108 kalashas are filled with tirtha and Kalashapuja, Havana etc. are conducted. Then the Lord is offered Pachamrita abhisheka, and shatakalashabhisheka. Pradhana Kalasha abhisheka, Ganga- Bhagirathi and Kanakabhisheka are performed through gold Sahasradhare. While the Lord is stationed on the pitha, gandha, vastra, flowers, tulasi from Pradhana Kalasha are used to decorate the Lord and Naivedyaratis are performed. Then prayers are offered and prasad is distributed first to vaidiks and then to trustees. Then, havana’s purnahuti and prayers are conducted. Vibhuti of the Havana is applied to God. Then the Lord is decorated and raised to the throne along with birudubavali. After mahanaivedya and managlarati bhoori samaradhane is held. Today’s samaradhane is held on behalf of trustees. 30-40 Gowda Saraswat bhaktas arrive from Kukkundooru grama every year for preparing garige (ghari) of bhoori bhojana . This is their seva to the Lord. These bhaktas from Kukkundoor recently fetched a massive bronze couldren to fry Garige and donated it to the temple. At a time, 30 kg of oil can be poured into the couldren and 800 gariges can be fried at one go.At night silver Garuda vahanotsava is held on behalf of Moorooru Madhava Prabhu family. Shatakalashabhisheka is held 4 times a year.


VAISHAKA SHUDDHA SHASHTI :Avabrhita and santarpane for outstation guests are held on this day. Here end the programmes of Rathosava. When God returns from vokkuli and enters the temple, silver Garuda is hung on the door and the door is closed. Then the temple’s Puranikas read the dialogue between Shree Krishna and Satyabhama and explain the meaning thereof. Then the door is opened and the Lord steps in.


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