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Sri Venkataramana idol Sri Venkataramana temple, Karkala
|| Sri Venkateshaya Namaha |||| Sri Srinivasaya Namaha ||
Sri Venkataramana temple, Karkala
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About the temple

Shree Venkataramana Temple, Karkala,  popularly known as “Padutirupathi” is one of the  ancient Temples belonging to the Gowda  Saraswath Brahmin Community. This Temple  has a remarkable history of six centuries and is  revered by its devotees belonging to the GSB  community all over India and abroad. Those  who worship Lord Shree Venkataramana of Karkala are blessed by Him. 

The blessedness and the glory of Lord Shree Srinivasa and Lord Shree Venkataramana of Karkala are beyond expression. The resilient belief says that prayers offered with devotion standing inside the Garuda Mantap are always fulfilled by The Lord. Every devotee has his own reminiscence of His grace that has protected him/her at the time of need. To the devotees of Lord Shree Venkatamana, He is their Master and the Saviour. A profound expression as “AMGELO DEVU” springs out from the bottom of the heart of every devotee of Lord Shree Venkataramana because of one’s staunch faith in Him.

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Dear Bhajakas

We would like to inform the Bhajakas' of Lord Sri Srinivasa and Lord Sri Venkataramana of Karkala that the Jeernodhara work of the temple is in good progress and the contributions are pouring in for this noble cause from all over.

In this connection, we found few remittances (contributions) recieved through banks, so we are not in a position to pass receipts for such contributions.So those Bhajakas who have not recieved official receipts from us for their contributions, kindly write a letter, or email us or send the following details so as to enable us to send you the proper receipt and prasadam.

Further, we request all the Bhajakas' to inform us the details such as name, address, amount of contribution, date and bank details to our e-mail ID "js.svtk@gmail.com" or by a letter along with teh details as given above.

The following are the important events with regard to Jeernodhara of the Temple.

  • 1. NIDHI KALASHA on 7.6.2015
  • 2. PUNARPRATHISTA ON 1.5.2016